Kiezsalon presents a monthly event featuring artists from diverse genres, countries of origin and popularity and so forms an interface between pop music, avant-garde and interdisciplinary art. Every evening the series features compact performances of around 30 minutes each by one artist from Berlin and one from overseas, both of whom are chosen to be stylistically complimentary. Over the last two years the Salon has hosted a total of 47 artists from 22 different countries.

Friday : 16.10.2015
Matana Roberts (US) LIVE (Constellation)
Rayon (DE) LIVE + BAND (Alien transistor/Morr Music)
Falko Teichmann (Berlin/DE)

Saturday : 03.10.2015
Tomaga (UK/IT) LIVE (Hands In The Dark)
Grischa Lichtenberger (DE) LIVE (Raster-Noton)
Schneider TM (DE) LIVE (Bureau B/City Slang/Mute) & Tomoko Nakasato (JP) DANCE
Plants and empire (AT) LIVE
Mike Grinser (Berlin/DE) | MMM & Strobocop (Berlin/DE) | Karaoke Kalk

Wednesday : 30.09.2015
Sven Helbig (DE) LIVE (Deutsche Grammophon)
Anklepants (AU) LIVE (Reecard Farché)
Sasha Perera (Berlin/UK) | Perera Elsewhere/Jahcoozi

Wednesday : 24.06.2015
Rhys Chatham (US) LIVE (Sub Rosa/Table Of The Elements)
Kasar feat. Clara Hill (DE) LIVE (Sonar Kollektiv/Tapete Records)
Thomas Bücker (DE) | Bersarin Quartett

Wednesday : 27.05.2015
Susanna (NO) LIVE (SusannaSonata/Rune Grammofon)
N.M.O. (ES/NO) LIVE (The Death Of Rave/Anòmia)
Lucrecia Dalt (Berlin/CO) (Human Ear Music)

Saturday : 25.04.2015 | Opening Salon Berlin
Sculpture (UK) LIVE (Software)
Gajek (DE) LIVE (Monkeytown)
Hanno Leichtmann (Berlin/DE) & Dirk Markham (Berlin/SCO)