Kiezsalon presents a monthly event featuring artists from diverse genres, countries of origin and popularity and so forms an interface between pop music, avant-garde and interdisciplinary art. Every evening the series features compact performances of around 30 minutes each by one artist from Berlin and one from overseas, both of whom are chosen to be stylistically complimentary. Over the last two years the Salon has hosted a total of 47 artists from 22 different countries.

Saturday : 08.10.2016 | Closing Salon Berlin
We like We (DK) LIVE | The Being Music
Baby Dee (USA) LIVE | Tin Angel/Drag City
Moiré (PL) LIVE | Werkdiscs/Rush Hour/Ghostly
Afterglow by Kovács (HU) and O’Doherty (IRL)
Marcus Fjellström (Berlin/SE) & Erik Skodvin (Berlin/NO) | Miasmah

Friday : 07.10.2016 | Salon at Technische Sammlungen in Dresden
Baby Dee (USA) LIVE | Tin Angel/Drag City
Aoki Takamasa (JP) LIVE | Raster-Noton
Sven Helbig (DE) | Neue Meister

Wednesday: 05.10.2016 | Salon at Place des Vosges in Paris
Hélène Breschand (FR) LIVE | D’Autres Cordes/Les Disques Victo
Rhys Chatham (USA) LIVE | Sub Rosa/Table Of The Elements

Wednesday : 14.09.2016
Laraaji (USA) LIVE | All Saints
Dmitry Evgrafov (RUS) LIVE | FatCat/130701
Dominique Schweizer (Berlin/DE) | Amiont

Wednesday : 22.06.2016
Heather Leigh (USA) LIVE | Ideologic Organ/Editions Mego
The Swifter (SWE/IT/AU) LIVE | The Wormhole/Sonic Pieces
HATAM (Berlin/IRQ) | NK

Wednesday : 18.05.2016
Ogoya Nengo & The Dodo Women’s Group (KEN) LIVE | TAL/Honest Jon’s
Janek Schaefer (UK) LIVE | audiOh!/Dekorder
Chez Mieke (Berlin/DE) | Acud macht Neu & Ultraviolett (Berlin/DE) | The Hum

Saturday : 16.04.2016 | Opening Salon Berlin
Christina Vantzou (BEL) LIVE | Kranky
John Bence (UK) LIVE | Other People
Dis Fig (Berlin/CHN) | Purple Tape Pedigree